Thursday, 8 July 2010


Judge Marvin and Lacey have been reunited, and it truly "feels so good"!  After the threat to Lacey in open court at the ICC on Tuesday, the written threats that Lacey has received at home in Glint, and the copy of one of the threats that was found in cupcake's pocket, Judge Marvin arranged a top secret mission to retrieve Lacey "to bring her here by my side where I can be sure that she is protected at all times."

One of the Judge's helicopters hovered over the courtyard of the Judge's and Lacey's home.  While snipers inside the whirlybird covered every direction, a rope ladder was lowered by the Judge himself.  Smiling happily at the surprise of seeing her beloved Master, Lacey climbed the rope.  Once safely inside the cabin, Lacey was wrapped in her Master's loving arms...or he was wrapped in hers....or both.

The helicopter landed at an undisclosed airport, where an unmarked Gulfstream G-5 was waiting to take the pair to the Netherlands.  A heavily armored limosine took the couple from the airport to an undisclosed hotel.  Wednesday morning, Judge Marvin was back on the bench, looking bright eyed and well-satisfied.  As the regular court reporter for the ICC is recording this case, Lacey is enjoying the chance to dabble with court room drawings while kneeling at Master's side on a large soft cushion, observing the proceedings.  The defense was shocked to see Lacey walk into the courtroom behind Judge Marvin, her freshly sharpened dagger strapped to her thigh.  Suddenly, the entire defense table seemed to be choking as they all reached for the water pitcher and plastic cups emblazoned with the ICC logo.

Once recovered from their surprise, the defense stated that they had finished their opening argument.  The rest of the day was filled with the prosecution presenting evidence and questioning witnesses.  At four pm, Judge Marvin called a halt to the day. 

Since Lacey hadn't visited the Netherlands before, Judge Marvin rented a tandem bicycle.  The rest of the afternoon was spent sight-seeing, with the bodyguards maintaining a watchful eye from a respectful distance.  After enjoying an alfresco dinner, the Judge and Lacey returned to the hotel for a satisfying treat.

Arguments are expected to continue today in the well-publicized case.  Both sides anticipate making closing statements on Friday morning, handing the case to the Judge for deliberation just before the lunch recess.

Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Judge Marvin's First Day at the ICC

Judge Marvin heard the opening statements today at the International Criminal Court (ICC) located in The Hague, Netherlands.  The prosecution laid the foundation for their case throughout the morning and most of the afternoon.  Judge Marvin called a brief recess before the drug cartel had their say, in which they stated that all of the charges were false, and that they were certain that Judge Marvin would immediately throw out the case, then softly added "if he ever wants to see Lacey again."

With that comment, Judge Marvin rose with an angry look on his face.  Declaring that the day's proceedings were finished and court would resume in the morning, he picked up the large gavel, banging it so hard that it split into pieces. Whirling, his robes flying out behind him, he purposefully strode into his chambers.  The chamber staff trembled as the saw the set to his jaw and the anger flashing in his eyes.  One member of the staff who asked for anonymity said, "He hung up his robe and didn't say word one to anyone.  He sat down behind his desk for just a few minutes before he picked up the telephone and punched a long stream of numbers.  He spoke softly into the phone, then replaced the receiver.  He stood up, grabbed his weapons, and walked out the door, his bodyguards running to catch up to him.  Where he was going is anyone's guess."

Monday, 5 July 2010

Judge Arrives Safely

Amid much fanfare and extremely tight security, PRG Judge Marvin Zeitman has arrived for the court case that begins tomorrow morning in The Hague. 

The crowds were kept quite a distance from Judge Marvin, who was immediately whisked away in a heavily armored limosine to an undisclosed hotel location.  Obviously, the threats against the Judge are being taken seriously.