Saturday, 22 December 2012

Home for the Holidays

Master and I returned home for a holiday break, immediately hearing news from the housekeeping staff about a recent coup on the nearby island of Glint.  According to the rumor, La Presidente had reclaimed her position in a bloodless overthrow.  Naturally, this was something that Master needed to investigate! 

We arrived in the PRG, finding it welcomingly familiar yet with an electric feel of something about to happen.  Our first stop was the prison and court room, where the look on Master's face spoke volumes about his desire to return to the stage that started his legal career.  Memories of past trials flooded us both, and I swear I saw shadows of kangaroos on the walls!  What kangaroos would be doing this far from Australia I am sure I don't know!

As we left the building, sounds from the nearby bar began echoing across the intimate courtyard.  VB was inside with a girl, who initially introduced herself as hiya.  She changed her name shortly thereafter to Rija.  Perhaps she will have a different name the next time.  I have found that expecially in the PRG, people tend to change their names frequently.

VB said she was now very well-behaved, which I will agree with, at least so far.  La Presidente arrived, looking very tanned.  Her time in the jungle obviously agreed with her!  She conferred Master's appointment to his Judgeship and conferred me to Press Officer.  It felt wonderful to have my hat and notebook out once again!

With all of the unpacking to supervise, Master and I headed back home hand in hand, our hearts filled with the warmth of friends we have missed and the knowledge that we are indeed home once more.