Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Jewel Takes West Master Kennel Club Slave Show Title!

(Writer's note: Being that I have a very dear slave friend named Jewel, who happens to be owned by a Master named Fox, when Jewel the American Foxhound won the Hound Group at the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show, well, I just had to have some fun. Please enjoy this story in the spirit in which it is intended.)
Jewel, a voluptuous auburn haired beauty belonging to Master Fox earned the "Best In Show" title last night at the prestigious, world famous West Master Kennel Club Slave Show held in the renowned Madison's Garden.   Competing against over 2500 other slaves in deportment, obedience, service, honor and talent (ahem), the suddenly demure Jewel was nearly speechless as she admired the trophy as she was securely nestled in her Master's arms. "I am very privileged to be owned by my Master whom I love," she said, with her aquamarine eyes wide and sparkling with tears of joy about to spill over. With that, she turned her head into Master Fox's chest and spoke no more.
Fox, a builder of note, appeared justifiably proud of his slave. "I entered Jewel to show others that a cared for, cherished and loved slave doesn't have to become spoiled. Her submission to me is never in question. She displays it proudly every moment of every day," he said in a deep voice, accented with a hint of Texas, his love of his property obvious. "Jewel is my slave as well as my partner. Her extremely high scores in all of the categories show that this is a viable way of life in the D/s world."
Asked about future plans, a wide smile spread across the tall Master's face. With a twinkle in his eyes and a wink, he said, "We have some private celebrating to do, then like all champions say 'We're going to Disneyland!' Then when we get home, I have a trophy case to construct."
As they left the podium, one of his hands dropped to Jewel's behind. With a grin over his shoulder at the press corps, he gave her cheek an obvious squeeze as the flashbulbs popped and cameras clicked.