Monday, 26 April 2010

Where Is Master Marvin?

When in Glint alone, i am often asked "where is Master Marvin?" It makes me happy to know that my Master is adored and admired by many citizens of the PRG. He is an amazing person; intelligent, handsome, witty, full of fun and sexy as all get out! i am so fortunate to be owned by Him!

Back to the question of where Master is when He isn't at home in Glint. Master is a hard-working soul. If He isn't serving as a bodyguard for persons of note, He is passing judgment in courtrooms around the globe, and of course, He also is keeping an eye on His investments. For example, just recently Master had arranged another large shipment of fine Belgian chocolate to be delivered to His home in Switzerland (oh, it is a modest home, with only 32 bedrooms, 40 bathrooms, and a mere 30,000 square feet - just a chalet, really).

The seller attempted to swindle Master by replacing the chocolate bars with Peeps - you know, those brightly colored, sugar-coated marshmallow (sort of) things that are often in the shape of bunnies and chicks at Easter. YUCK! Peeps just can't compare with the rich, silky feel of chocolate melting on one's tongue...

Master was on the way to adjucate a court case, bringing along His favorite court reporter (that would be me). He had a feeling that the seller couldn't be trusted, so He took a slight detour to show up in the shipyard. There, He found the miscreant in the midst of his "Peeps for chocolate" switcheroo. Master strode up to the seller, and looked over His glasses at the swindler. The swindling seller took one look at Master with His hand on His whip, His sword at His side and His bow on His back, and immediately said that the container of Peeps was a gift to Master to go along with the chocolate.

With that settled, Master and i continued to His court appointment, which pitted two internationally known law firms against each other; Wee, Skrewem & Lie represented the plaintiffs, and Rippov & Runn represented the defendants. i'll tell that tale soon!

After the court case finished, Master and i hosted a huge outdoor party in Switzerland for the entire village. There were plenty of Peeps for everyone, and i discovered that Peeps are greatly improved by toasting over a fire. Perhaps Master will import some Peeps to Glint, after all, bunnies are our national animal!

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