Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Our Life in Den Haag

More cases are added to Master's docket at The Hague every day.  He has reduced his schedule though, not hearing cases on Monday mornings or Friday afternoons, facilitating our weekend travel to and from Glint.

It has become our habit on Monday mornings to have a leisurely breakfast on the terrace of our recently purchased home in the rural outskirts of Den Haag.  The house staff arrange fresh flowers throughout the house, filling it with a delicate floral scent.  Fresh milk and cream abound from the nearby farms.  The Dutch people have been very warm and welcoming to both of us. 

The cook, Tante Henrietta, spoils us with wonderful traditional meals and treats.  Among her many delectable pastries is banket, which is an almond filled piece of heaven that is difficult to pass by.  She packs baskets of food for us to take with us to Glint, always telling me as we head to the helicopter, her English heavily accented "This way, you concentrate on your Master while you're home and not worry about cooking, that is my job.  Your job is making your Master happy!"  At that, Master always smiles, pulls me still closer to his side and whispers "and you do that very well, my one!" 

During the week, i accompany Master to work.  i assist him with paperwork and any other tasks that make his life easier and more enjoyable.  i have put myself in charge of his robes, ensuring that they are crisply ironed and always ready to be worn.  Straightening his tie is my job, and one i protect ferociously, especially since it is such a perfect time to whisper "i love You" and kiss his cheek before i follow him out to the bench.

When court is in session, i kneel on a cushion beside his great chair behind the bench, taking notes, often laying my head on his leg nearest to me.  Once court is recessed for the day, Master and i will frequently ride a two-seater bicycle around the town, enjoying the many sights and sounds, and sampling the wide variety of cheeses that are available.  The sea isn't too far away, although as the days are becoming noticeably shorter, our afternoon seaside picnics occur via a car more so than via bicycle as they did when the days were longer. 

Glint is never far from our thoughts, though, and we are always anxious for the weekends to arrive so that we can once again be home...together.

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